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Brought to you by the Thomas Lindsey Memorial Fund, LindseyJones Assisted Teaching is a free public site. Resources found on this site are donated by LindseyJones and other voluntary sources. It may accessed directly at

The interactive courses, videos, and other resources on this site are intended to aid respiratory practitioners in their preparation for the NBRC TMC and Clinical Simulation exams.
Interactive Tutorials and Videos
Topic Detail Resource
100 - Conducting Assessments Part I Gathering information in 4 levels during a clinical simulation Course
101 - Conducting Assessments Part II Continuation with information gathering during a clinical simulation Course
400 - Improve TMC exam Performance Strategies for performance improvment with multiple choice questions on the TMC exam Video
401 - Reviewing a TMC exam Understanding your scores on a LindseyJones University TMC practice exam Video
601 - NBRC Exam Calculations TMC Calculations Part 1 Video
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